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Pasila and Malmi Free-Choice Studies (before January 2022)



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In addition to the studies below, you can also choose elective studies from the curricula of other degrees.

Language Studies 0 cr
ENG8HH001 Business English 3 cr
ENG8LH102 Conversation in English 3 cr
ENG8LH103 English Writing Course on the Web 3 cr
SWE8LH102 Conversation in Swedish 3 cr
SWE8LH103 Swedish Writing Course on the Web 3 cr
SWE8LH104 Nordic Culture 3 cr
SWE8LH105 Swedish for International Trade 5 cr
SWE8LH106 3 cr
IBU8LS111 Nätverksevenemang 6 cr
FRE4LH101 French 1 5 cr
FRE4LH102 French 2 5 cr
FRE8LF101 French 1 5 cr
FRE8LF102 French 2 5 cr
FRE8LF103 French 3 5 cr
FRE8LF104 French 4 5 cr
FRE8LS210 French for Beginners 1 5 cr
FRE8LS220 French for Beginners 2 5 cr
FRE8LS250 2 cr
SPA4LH101 Spanish 1 5 cr
SPA4LH102 Spanish 2 5 cr
SPA8LF101 Spanish 1 5 cr
SPA8LF102 Spanish 2 5 cr
SPA8LF103 Spanish 3 5 cr
SPA8LF104 Spanish 4 5 cr
SPA8LH101 Conversation in Spanish 3 cr
SPA8LS001 Translation Exercises in Spanish 5 cr
SPA8LS210 Spanish for Beginners 1 5 cr
SPA8LS220 Spanish 2 5 cr
GER4LH101 German 1 5 cr
GER4LH102 German 2 5 cr
GER8LF101 German 1 5 cr
GER8LF102 German 2 5 cr
GER8LF103 German 3 5 cr
GER8LF104 German 4 5 cr
GER8LH101 Conversation in German 3 cr
GER8LH102 Culture in German-speaking Areas 3 cr
GER8LS210 German for Beginners 1 5 cr
GER8LS220 German for Beginners 2 5 cr
GER8LS250 2 cr
GER8LS081 German Translation Exercises 3 cr
GER8LS111 Presentation Skills in German Language 3 cr
GER8HH001 German 6 3 cr
GER8LE210 German for Beginners 1 5 cr
GER8LE220 German for Beginners 2 5 cr
RUS4LH101 Russian 1 5 cr
RUS4LH102 Russian 2 5 cr
RUS4LH103 Russian 3 5 cr
RUS8LH101 Culture in Russian-speaking Areas 3 cr
RUS8LS210 Russian for Beginners 1 5 cr
RUS8LS220 Russian for Beginners 2 5 cr
RUS8LS037 Cyrillic Word Processing and Transliteration 3 cr
RUS8LE210 Russian for Beginners 1 5 cr
RUS8LE220 Russian for Beginners 2 5 cr
EST8HH001 Estonian 1 5 cr
EST8HH002 Estonian 2 5 cr
EST8HH003 Estonian Business Environment 5 cr
FIN8HH102 Puhutsä suomee? How to Understand and Use Spoken Finnish 5 cr
FIN8HH103 Finnish for work and everyday life 5 cr
FIN8HH104 Each One Teach One 2 cr
FIN8LE111 Effective Writing Skills for Finnish Learners 3 cr
FIN8LS001 Creative Writing and Narrative Learning Methods 3 cr
FIN8LE001 Contemporary Finnish Literature 3 cr
FIN8LE110 Business Finnish for International Students 4 cr
CHI8LE210 Chinese for Beginners 1 5 cr
CHI8LE220 Chinese for Beginners 2 5 cr
CHI8HH001 Chinese and Chinese Characters 1 5 cr
Finance and Economy 0 cr
ACC8LH101 Consolidated and IFRS Finacial Statements 5 cr
ACC8LH102 IFRS and Consolidated Financial Statements 5 cr
ACC8LH103 Robotics in Economic Processes 5 cr
ACC8LH104 Economy Automation and Robotics 5 cr
ACC8LH105 Strategic Decision-Making Models 5 cr
ACC8LS060 Financial Software in Accounting and Closing of Accounts 3 cr
ACC8LS222 Basics of Payroll Administration 2 cr
ACF8LH101 Economy in Health and Social Services Industry 5 cr
ACF8LH102 Economy and Management in Housing Corporation 5 cr
ACF8LH103 Basics of Salary Calculation 3 cr
FIE8LH102 Methods for Financial Accounting 5 cr
FIE8LK101 Bank Project 3 cr
FIE8LK102 Derivatives and Risk Management 5 cr
FIE8LK103 View on Interest Rates 3 cr
BUS8LH111 Basics of Real Estate and Housing Management 5 cr
Sustainability in Finance
FIE8LH103 Sustainable Development and Climate Change 5 cr
FIE8LH104 Sustainable Finance 5 cr
FIE8LH105 Future Megatrends and Vocational Competencies 5 cr
Marketing and Communication 0 cr
CAM8LH101 Krea Visual Design 5 cr
CAM8LH102 Krea Multicultural Communication 5 cr
CAM8LH103 Krea Event Management 5 cr
CAM8LH104 Krea Content - Copywriter and Content Producer 5 cr
CAM8LH105 Workplace Communication 5 cr
CAM8LH106 Krea Spring School - Inspirational Storytelling 5 cr
CAM8LH108 Personal Branding and Communication Skills 5 cr
CAM8LH109 Krea Tech - Modern Communication Technologies 5 cr
COM8LH101 Projects in Marketing and Communication 5 cr
COM8LH102 Presentation Skills 3 cr
COM8LH103 Effective Writing Skills 3 cr
COM8LH104 Communication Workshop 3 cr
COM8LH105 Social Media Strategy 5 cr
COM8LH106 Company Website 5 cr
COM8KJ001 Media Writing 5 cr
COM8KJ002 Podcasting for Beginners 5 cr
COM8KJ004 Visual tools 5 cr
COM8KJ203 Crisis Communication 5 cr
COM8LS222 Big data, analysis and the new communication platforms and channels 5 cr
COM8HH004 Social Media Marketing in Modern Business 5 cr
COM8HH005 Video CV 1 cr
COM8HH006 Personal Branding in LinkedIn 1 cr
COM8HH007 Using Twitter for Professional Purposes 1 cr
COM8HH008 Using Instagram for Professional Purposes 1 cr
COM8HH009 Digital Marketing in Modern Business 5 cr
COM8HH010 Paid Social Media Advertising in Modern Business 5 cr
COM8HH011 How to Start a Social Media Consultant Business 5 cr
COM8HH013 ABC-Video Production tai Basics of Video Production 5 cr
COM4LS102 Creating Visual Corporate Messages 3 cr
0 cr
SEL8LZ001 Training for the Best Seller Competition 3 cr
SEL8LZ002 Participation in the Best Seller Competition 1 cr
SEL8LZ003 Coaching for the European Sales Competition 2 cr
SEL8LZ004 Participating in the European Sales Competition 1 cr
SEL8LZ005 Participating in the Southeast Asian Sales Competition 1 cr
SEL8LZ006 International Week in Sales 3 cr
SEL8LZ108 Introduction to UAS Business Studies: Marketing and Sales 2 cr
SEL8LZ107 K-Mestarimyyjä Training 3 cr
SEL8LZ109 Sales Mindset for Experts 5 cr
Service Business and Customer Relations 0 cr
CUS8LH101 Developing a Service Environment Digitally 5 cr
CUS8LH106 Marketing Automation and Analytics 5 cr
CUS8LH107 Service Design Methods 2 cr
CUS8LH108 Customer Experience Development 3 cr
eCommerce Mill
CUS8LH102 E-commerce as a Business Model 5 cr
CUS8LH103 Global eCommerce Business 5 cr
CUS8LH105 eCommerce Legislation 5 cr
CUS8HH100 Increase Sales through eCommerce 3 cr
HR and Management 0 cr
LEA8LH101 Career Path Development 3 cr
LEA8LH104 Salary Expert in Worklife 5 cr
LEA8LH105 Occupational Psychology 5 cr
LEA8LH106 Well-Being at Work 3 cr
LEA8LH107 Concious Leadership and Mindfulness 3 cr
LEA8LH108 Self Development 3 cr
LEA8LH110 Information-driven leadership 5 cr
LEA8LH111 Workplace Inclusion 5 cr
LEA8LH112 International HRM 5 cr
LEA8HH007 Skills for Life 3 cr
LEA8LH114 Everyday Mind Control 5 cr
LEA8LS040 The Work of a Project Assistant 3 cr
LEA8LH120 Responsible Human Resource Management in Constant Change 5 cr
Entrepreneurship and Networks 0 cr
ENT8LH101 JA Start Up (Junior Achievement) 10 cr
ENT8LH102 Games! How to Make Business out of Games 10 cr
ENT8LH103 Change of Ownership 5 cr
ENT8LH104 Entrepreneurship Projects 5 cr
ENT8LH106 Entrepreneurship Projects 3 cr
ENT8LH107 Exploring Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT8LH108 JA Company Program - Higher Education 10 cr
ENT8LH109 Sports business 5 cr
ENT8LH110 Managerial Accounting for Sports Business 5 cr
ENT8LH201 Participating in Entrepreneurship Events 2 cr
ENT8HH101 Co-Innovation Journey for Startups and Corporates 2 cr
ENT8LH111 Principles of Sports and Wellbeing Business 5 cr
ENT8LH112 Principles of Finance in Sports and Wellbeing Business 5 cr
Work Skills and Mathematics 0 cr
MAT8LH102 Remedial Studies in Mathematics 5 cr
MAT8LH103 Mathematics for Financial Experts 5 cr
TOO8LH101 SAP Overview 5 cr
TOO8LH102 Survey Data to Results 3 cr
TOO8LH103 Advanced Course in Excel 5 cr
TOO8LH104 Project Management and Excel in Worklife 3 cr
TOO8LH105 Data Analytics 5 cr
TOO8LH106 Analysing with Excel 3 cr
TOO8LS111 Tools for Visual Communication 3 cr
THE8LZ101 Qualitative Methods 1 cr
BIG8TF101 Hands on with IBM - Holistic business process automation 5 cr
ICT8TN031 Go programming 3 cr
ICT8TN032 ICT project work 10 cr
ICT8TN033 Coursera summer programme for Haaga-Helia's IT students 10 cr
ICT8TN034 Python web service - from an idea to production 5 cr
ICT8TN035 Python programming 5 cr
0 cr
LAW8LH101 Contracts and Trade Law 5 cr
LAW8LH102 Company Law and Changes in Business 5 cr
LAW8LH103 Sales and Marketing Law 5 cr
LAW8LH104 Banking and Finance Law 5 cr
LAW8LH105 Housing and Real Estate Law 3 cr
LAW8LH106 Family and Inheritance Law 3 cr
LAW8LH107 Basics of Company Law 5 cr
LAW8LH108 Company Administration and Management Law 3 cr
LAW8LH110 Company Law 5 cr
0 cr
MON8HH002 Strengthening Abilities to Study at the University of Applied Sciences 5 cr
OTH8HH002 Organizational Activity 1 5 cr
OTH8HH003 Organizational Activity and Volunteer Work 2 5 cr
OTH8HH004 Organizational Activity 3 5 cr
OTH8HH005 Professional Current Events 1 cr
OTH8LH008 Leadership training at Finnish Defence Forces (Reserve Noncommissioned Officer School/Reserve Officer School) 5 cr
OTH8HH011 Tutor activities, Peer Tutor 3 cr
OTH8HH013 Tutoring, Head Tutor 5 cr
OTH8HH019 Event arrangement 5 cr
OTH8HH022 Design Your Career 5 cr
OTH8HH023 Design Your Career 5 cr
OTH8HH024 Voluntary Work 5 cr
OTH8HH026 2 cr
Other Studies 0 cr
BUS8LH101 Corporate Responsibility 5 cr
BUS8LH102 Project Management 5 cr
BUS8LH104 Supply Chain Management 5 cr
BUS8LH105 Competitive Strategies 5 cr
BUS8LH106 Fairs, Exhibitions, and Events 5 cr
BUS8LH107 Personal Taxation and Taxation Procedure 3 cr
BUS8LH109 Business Projects 5 cr
BUS8LH110 Purchasing 5 cr
BUS8LH112 Macroeconomics and Financial Market 3 cr
BUS8LH113 Hackathon - Innovate Circular Economy 5 cr
BUS8LH114 Cultural Knowledge in Business 3 cr
BUS8LH116 Circular Economy and Climate in Business Activities 2 cr
BUS8LH117 Circular Economy and Climate as a Business Opportunity 5 cr
BUS8LH118 TOPSIM Business Game 5 cr
BUS8LH120 FinnCham Preparation 2 cr
BUS8LH121 Circular Economy Business and Service Development 5 cr
BUS8LH122 Hackathon Camp - Innovate Circular Economy 5 cr
BUS8LH019 Other International Studies 3 cr
TKI8LH005 Marketing Competency Management 6 cr
TKI8LH008 Working Life Project 5 cr
BUS8HH101 Nocca Hackathon 3 cr
BUS8HH102 NOCCA Hackathon & XES workshops 5 cr
BUS8HH103 Futurizes of Tomorrow 5 cr
BUS8LS211 Basics of Accounting 3 cr
JOU8KJ248 Critical Reading and Information Assessment 2 cr
JOU8KJ246 Local Media of the Year Competition Jury 5 cr
JOU8YJ110 5 cr
ECO8LH105 Principles of Economics 5 cr