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Tutor and Organizational Activities (ENG)



You can study Tutoring and Organizational Activities courses as a Haaga-Helia degree student. The courses belong under Complementary Professional Competences in all Haaga-Helia degrees. There are three 5 ECTS courses related to tutoring and three 5 ECTS courses related to Organizational Activities.

You can apply to take tutoring courses through the Student Union Helga. Helga recruits tutors from its members once a year during the application period announced by the student union.

You can apply to complete Organizational Activities 1, 2 and 3 courses by applying to become a trustee of a student association, student union or student organisation.

These courses are not open for normal enrolment. The students selected for tutoring or organizational activities by Helga are enrolled in Peppi by Haaga-Helia staff.




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