Elective Course Offering and Free Choice Studies

BBA Courses for Incoming Exchange Students, Pasila campus



This is the course offer for exchange students at Pasila campus for autumn and spring semesters. The list is updated a week before the course enrollment starts






All compulsory

International Business
IBU1LF103 Internationalisation of a Firm 5 cr
SCM3LF101 Developing SCM 5 cr
IBU1LF102 Selling to Export Markets 5 cr
MAR3LF101 BtoB Sales Skills 5 cr
IBU8LF101 Doing Business and Working in the Middle East 5 cr
IBU3LF101 Specialisation Project 5 cr
ICT1LF102 ERP and Project Management 5 cr
IBU1LF104 International Trade Practicalities and Business Law 5 cr
IBU1LF104 International Trade Practicalities and Business Law 5 cr
MAR3LF108 Growth and Competitive Strategies 5 cr
SCM8LF101 Green Product and Package Design 5 cr
SCM3LF105 SCM Tools and Optimisation 5 cr
SCM8LF102 Circular Economy and SCM 5 cr
ICT8LF101 Internet of Things: A Business Perspective 5 cr
BUS1LF101 Sustainable Business 5 cr
SER004AS2AE Innovate Circular Economy and Sustainable Future 5 cr
GLO1LH101A Globalization and Internationalization 5 cr
GLO3LH101B Basics of Supply Chain Management 5 cr
GLO3LH101C Frameworks and Structures in Global Trade 5 cr
GLO3LH101A International Competitive Strategy 5 cr
GLO4LH101 Planning an International Business 10 cr
GLO4LH102 Operating an International Business 10 cr
GLO4LH103 Digitalizing an International Business 10 cr
BUS2LE201 Business Planning 5 cr
BUS2LE202 Strategic Business Development 5 cr
MAR3LF106 International Marketing Research 5 cr
MAR3LF104 Customer Relationship Management 5 cr
MAR3LF102 Marketing Research Methods 5 cr
MAR3LF105 Branding and Marketing Communications 5 cr
MAR3LF103 Innovative Service Design 5 cr
SLF8LF001 Marketing Yourself 3 cr
CAM8LH101 Krea Visual Design 5 cr
CAM8LH103 Krea Event Management 5 cr
Finance, Accounting and Economics
FIE4LK104A Financial Economics and Development 5 cr
FIE4LK104B International Finance 5 cr
ACC3LF101 Financial Accounting 5 cr
ECO1LF101 International Economics 5 cr
ACC3LF104 Budgeting and Performance Evaluation 5 cr
ACC3LF102 Business Controlling and Analytics 5 cr
ACC3LF103 Financial Statement Analysis 5 cr
FIE3LF101 Introduction to Corporate Finance 5 cr
FIE3LF102 Investment Management 5 cr
ACC3LF107 Advanced Financial Accounting 5 cr
ACC3LF101 Financial Accounting 5 cr
Human Resources (HR)
HRM3LF105 HR Strategy and Change 5 cr
HRM3LF101 Employer Branding 5 cr
TOO8TF006 Excel in Business 3 cr
SWD4TF021 Server Programming 5 cr
SWD4TF022 Front End Development 5 cr
PRO4TF024 Multidisciplinary Software Project 15 cr
PRO4TF023 ICT Infrastructure project 10 cr
PRO4TF030 Digitial Service Project 10 cr
ICT4TF022 Data Security 5 cr
ICT4TF024 Cloud Service Technologies 5 cr
SWD4TF023 Software Development Technologies 5 cr
SWD4TF020 Mobile Programming 5 cr
DIG4TF003 Prototyping of Digital Services 5 cr
DIG4TF021 Digital Service Design 5 cr
SAL1TF002 Selling ICT solutions 5 cr
BIG4TF003 Business Process Management 5 cr
BIG4TF004 Managing CRM Processes 5 cr
BIG4TF021 SAP ERP 2 5 cr
BIG8TF008 Financial Accounting, Processes and Systems 5 cr
BIG4TF002 SAP ERP 1 5 cr
BUS1TF107 Project Management 5 cr
DIG4TF002 User Experience 5 cr
SWD8TF040 Database Developer 5 cr
BIG8TF005 Requirements Analysis 5 cr
BIG4TF022 Business Intelligence 5 cr
BIG4TF023 Business Intelligence Development Project 5 cr
Language, culture and communication
COM1TN012 Communication in Multicultural Environments 5 cr
COM2LE201 Communicating with Impact 5 cr
COM2LE202 Languages for International Communication 5 cr
FIN015AS2AE Finnish for Exchange Students 5 cr
FIN001AS2AE Finnish Language and Culture 1 5 cr
FRE001AS2AE French 1 5 cr
FRE002AS2AE French 2 5 cr
FRE003AS2AE French 3 5 cr
GER001AS2AE German 1 5 cr
GER003AS2AE German 3 5 cr
SPA001AS2AE Spanish 1 5 cr
SPA002AS2AE Spanish 2 5 cr
SPA003AS2AE Spanish 3 5 cr
CHI001AS2AE Chinese 1 5 cr
CHI002AS2AE Chinese 2 5 cr
CHI4LE201 Chinese Business Communication 1 5 cr
CHI4LE202 Chinese Business Communication 2 5 cr
Start up School
0 cr