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Virtual exchange courses



This is the course offer for virtual exchange students at Haaga-Helia for autumn and spring semesters. The list is updated a week before the course enrollment starts.






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AUTUMN 2024 0 cr
Bachelor level courses - Virtual
ENG003AS2AE English for Academic Purposes 5 cr
ENT002TR1AE Expanding to Foreign Markets 5 cr
ENG011AS2AE Toolkit for Writing 5 cr
CHI001AS2AE Chinese 1 5 cr
CHI002AS2AE Chinese 2 5 cr
CHI003AS2AE Chinese 3 5 cr
ICB012AS3AE Business Intelligence Development Project 5 cr
ICB005AS2AE Business Intelligence 5 cr
DIG006AS3AE 3D Extended Course 3 cr
MAR002AS2AE Data-Driven Marketing 5 cr
Bachelor level courses - Online
COR008AS2AE Circular Economy and Supply Chain Management 5 cr
DIG006AS2AE Digital User Experience 5 cr
GER001AS2AE German 1 5 cr
HRL002AS2AE HR Processes 5 cr
MAR003AS3AE Marketing Analytics and SEO 5 cr
SER020AS2AE Service Design and Co-Innovation 5 cr
ENT012AS2AE Sustainable Business Opportunities 5 cr
ICB008AS2AE ICT Project Management 5 cr
ICI003AS3AE Cloud Service Technologies 5 cr
Master level courses - Virtual
RDI2HM103 Futures Research 5 cr
LEA4HM101 Strategic Human Resources Management 5 cr
RDI2HM102 Data Analytics 5 cr
LEA4HM103 Reflective Leadership 5 cr
DIG4HM106 Artificial Intelligence in Modern Business 5 cr
ORD2HM102 Learning Culture in Organisations 5 cr
STR4HM105 Strategic Financial Management 5 cr
Master level courses - Online
ORD2HM101 Evolving Organisations 5 cr
LEA4HM105 Conscious Leader 5 cr
STR4HM103 Experimental and Engaging Strategy 5 cr
EXP4HM103 Brand Experience Development 5 cr
DIG4HM102 Business Analytics 5 cr
SAL4HM102 Developing Sales Oriented Organisation 5 cr
COM4HM103 Digital Marketing Technologies 5 cr
ICT4HM103 ICT Security Basics from Trust to Blockchain 5 cr
ICT4HM106 ICT Sourcing 5 cr
RDI2HM102 Data Analytics 5 cr