TRALI22 Business Administration, Daytime and Blended Learning, Helsinki Campus
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Spring 2022


Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Key Competencies
(Select 85 ECTS)
Brush up Studies
(Select 0-11 ECTS)
ANA002HH1A Brush up Mathematics 3
ANA003HH1A Extended Brush up Mathematics 5
SWE002HH1A Brush up Swedish 3
ENG002HH1A Brush up English 3
Haaga-Helia Key Competencies
(All compulsory)
COM001HH1A Professional Communication 5
MAR001HH1A Customer Insight and Marketing 5
ICB001HH1A ICT Competencies 5
SAL001HH1A Customer Experience and Sales 5
HRL001HH1A Teamwork and Project Management 5
ANA001HH1A Research and Development Skills 5  
ECO001HH1A Basics of Financial Management 5
ENT001HH1A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5
ENG001HH1AE Professional English 5
SWE001HH1A Professional Swedish 5  
Keys to Studies and Career
(Select 5 pieces)
Common Part
(All compulsory)
STU001HH1A Introduction to Studies 1
Optional Part
(Select 4 ECTS)
STU002HH1A Introduction to Digital Learning Environments 1
STU003HH1A Study Skills 1
STU004HH1A Time Management 1  
STU005HH1A Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Skills 1  
STU006HH1A Recognise and Communicate Your Strengths 1  
STU007HH1A Career Planning 1    
STU008HH1A Job-Seeking Skills 1    
STU009HH1A Speed Up Your Career with Alumni 1    
STU010HH1A Studies and Entrepreneurship 1    
Key Competencies in Business Administration Studies
(All compulsory)
ECO001TR1A Principles of Economics 5
HRL001TR1A People and Culture 5
LAW001TR1A Business Law 5
ECO002TR1A Principles of Accounting and Finance 5
ANA001TR1A Introduction to Data Analytics for Business 5  
ENT002TR1AE Expanding to Foreign Markets 5  
Professional Competencies
(Select 80 ECTS)
(Select 30-80 ECTS)
Professional Business Services and Languages
(Select 30-70 ECTS)
Common Part: Professional Business Services
(All compulsory)
Optional Part: Languages
(Select 10-50 ECTS)
People Operations and Leadership
(Select 30-50 ECTS)
HRL001AS2A Basics of Leadership 5  
HRL002AS2A HR Processes 5  
HRL003AS2A Self-Leadership and Introduction to Coaching 5  
HRL004AS2A Leading Diversity and Inclusion 5  
HRL006AS2A Knowledge Management 5  
HRL001AS3A HR Software Development 5    
HRL002AS3A Agile People Management and Self-directed Organisation 5    
HRL004AS3A Developing Organisations and Operations 5    
HRL008AS3A Leader as Coach 5    
LAW005AS2A Labour Law 5    
Marketing and Communications
(Select 30-40 ECTS)
Sales and Account Management
(Select 30-45 ECTS)
Service and Business Development
(Select 30 ECTS)
SER005AS2A Customer Behaviour 5  
SER006AS2A Basics of Service Design 5  
SER001AS3A Service Prototyping and Productisation 5  
SER002AS3A Service Design (Project) 5  
SER003AS3A Future Scenarios and Trends 5  
SER006AS3A Growth Hacking in eCommerce 5    
Finance and Accounting
(Select 30 ECTS)
ECO001AS2A Management Accounting 5  
ECO002AS2A Financial Accounting 5  
ECO003AS2A Investment Operations and Securities Market 5  
ECO004AS2A Financial Processes and Service Design 5  
ECO005AS2A Financial Statements and Corporate Tax 5  
ECO006AS2A Enterprise Finance Planning 5    
(Select 30-55 ECTS)
ENT001AS2A From Idea to Innovation 5  
ENT002AS2A Becoming an Entrepreneur 5  
ENT003AS2A Business Planning 5  
ENT005AS2A Forms of Entrepreneurship 5  
ENT006AS2A Entrepreneurship and Future Scenarios 5  
ENT008AS2A Entrepreneur`s Networks and Arenas 5    
LAW006AS2A Law for Entrepreneurs 5    
ENT012AS2AE Sustainable Business Opportunities 5    
ENT013AS2AE Global Opportunities for Growth 5    
ENT014AS2AE Strategic Business Development 5    
ENT015AS2AE Digital Platforms and Channels to Global Markets 5    
Complementary Professional Competencies
(Select 0-50 ECTS)
Professional Business Services and Languages
(Select 0-50 ECTS)
Languages and Culture
(Select 0-50 ECTS)
ENG003AS2AE English for Academic Purposes 5    
ENG004AS2AE English for the Corporate Level 5    
ENG005AS2AE English for Marketing and Sales 5    
ENG006AS2AE English for Professional Presentations 5    
SWE001AS2A Conversation in Swedish 5    
SWE003AS2A Swedish for Marketing Communication 5    
SWE004AS2A Swedish for Professional Communication 5    
SPA001AS2A Spanish 1 5
SPA002AS2A Spanish 2 5
SPA005AS2A Spanish Translation Exercises 5  
SPA008AS2AE Spanish-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5    
GER001AS2A German 1 5
GER002AS2A German 2 5
GER005AS2A German Translation Exercises 5  
FRE001AS2A French 1 5
FRE002AS2A French 2 5
FRE005AS2A French Translation Exercises 5  
FRE008AS2AE French-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5    
RUS001AS2A Russian 1 5
RUS002AS2A Russian 2 5
RUS007AS2A Russian-Finnish Tandem 5    
RUS006AS2AE Russian-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5    
CHI006AS2AE Chinese-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5    
FIN010AS2A Written Communication for Professionals (Finnish as Second Language) 5    
FIN011AS2A Spoken Communication for Professionals (Finnish as a Second Language) 5    
INT002AS2AE Intercultural Training 3