ITBBA Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Business Administration

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Name and level of education

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi

Admission requirements and applications

Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25

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Scope and duration

Scope of the degree is 210 ECTS credits.
The duration of the degree is 3.5 years.

Recognition of learning

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Mode of study

Day-time studies

Language of tuition

The degree is conducted in English.

Requirements and decrees

Completion of the courses specified in the curriculum, compulsory work placement, a thesis and maturity test.

The Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences 1129/2014.

Study attainments and assessment

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Targets and structure

Majors (Specializations)

Software Development
Learning paths: Full Stack developer, Back End developer, Front End developer
By completing this major (specialization) you will be able to:
• specify, design and implement software applications according to customer requirements.
• identify and use suitable software development methods, tools, and programming languages for a project.
• understand the role of testing, quality assurance and project management in a successful software project.

ICT and Business
Learning paths: ICT Solution Consultant, Data Analytics Developer
This major (specialization) prepares you to develop enterprises' business processes and service processes by utilizing information technologies. By completing this major you will:
• be able able to source IT solutions for business use, evaluate the suitability, usability and security of solutions, and participate in their integration and deployment in an organisation.
• be able to act as a change agent in the introduction of new software and ICT services.
• have knowledge of different information management models and frameworks of reference.

Digital Services
Learning paths: Digital Services Developer, 3D-developer
This major (specialization) prepares you to operate as a business oriented digital services developer. By completing this major you will:
• have the ability to understand the needs of both the business organisation and the end users.
• have a holistic understanding of the customer value creation process.
• have the ability to formulate and communicate requirements in a way that facilitates communication between software developers and business professionals.
• be able to ensure that developed digital solutions are the most suitable and cost-effective solution available and that it responds to a real need.

ICT Infrastructures and Cloud Services
Learning paths: Cloud Services Specialist
By completing this major (specialization) you will be able to operate as a cloud service specialist in various organisations that use cloud based IT systems and network services. You will also be able to provide support and participate on deployment projects related to ICT infrastructures and information security.


The field of ICT is international by its nature: customers, vendors and organizations typically operate on international markets regardless of the size of the company, and English language is the lingua franca of ICT business.

All students are encouraged to include exchange studies or work placement abroad. There are plenty of international exchange opportunities available in our international partner institutions: you can apply for student exchanges at more than 200 partner universities in 44 countries. We also offer a Double Degree option for our students in co-operation with HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. Business Information Technology student can apply for the Double Degree programmes during his or her fourth semester. The Double Degree studies abroad are accomplished typically during the third study year.

Students in Business Information Technology represent various nationalities from all over the world, and English-language courses are open to students from Haaga-Helia’s partner institutions. Depending on your interests, it is also possible to combine studies from Haaga-Helia's other English-language study offerings across degree borders (e.g. language studies).

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

Studies in Business Information Technology include a compulsory work placement. Student searches for and chooses a suitable IT traineeship, internship or job that fits to his or her study and career plans. It is possible to complete the work placement abroad.

The studies typically include content and practical application arranged in cooperation with partnering IT and other companies. This collaboration with both local and international companies is an integral part of the degree and enables you to learn the skills and acquire the experience to work in multicultural teams and on multinational projects. Each year, the students and lecturers of Haaga-Helia have a number of joint projects and seminars with businesses, NGOs and industry representatives. We also invite various ICT professionals to give lectures and training sessions to our students and staff members.

Career opportunities

The role of ICT in business is increasing, and it is a strategic focus area of organisations across all industries. In addition to providing infrastructures and tools that facilitate traditional business operations, ICT is becoming an integral part of products, services and sales.

Digitisation of operations and diversifying uses of ICT offer excellent career opportunities for ICT business graduates in both ICT companies as well as a range of organisations that utilise the technologies. Graduates in this industry typically have a good employment rate. For example, you can work as a digital services developer, software developer and programmer, system and cloud services specialist, or business developer. You will have a wide range of work opportunities on an international and fast changing sector requiring multidisciplinary professionals with strong technological background. Another option is self-employment with the help of Haaga-Helia StartUp School services.

The competencies gained during the studies and the resulting higher education degree ensure continuous career development, since the degree offers a good range of postgraduate options through specialisation and Master's degree programmes.

Postgraduate studies

Master level studies in universities of applied sciences and universities in Finland and abroad.

Examples of Master level studies Haaga-Helia offers:
Master’s Degree Programme in Business Technologies (English), Pasila
Master’s Degree Programme in Business Technologies (Finnish), Pasila

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