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Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Business Administration

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Name and level of education

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi

Admission requirements and applications

Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25
Before applying see the admission criteria at Studyinfo

Scope and duration

210 ECTS, 3.5 years

Recognition of learning

Read more about the principles of recognition of learning at Haaga-Helia. Recognition of learning

Mode of study

Full-time day programme

Language of tuition

The degree programme is conducted in English.
The studies include a certain amount of Finnish areal studies and a choice of other areal studies. Finnish students are also offered a number of learning activities in Finnish and Swedish languages.

Requirements and decrees

Completion of the courses specified in the curriculum, compulsory work placement, a thesis and maturity test.

The Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences 1129/2014.

Study attainments and assessment

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Targets and structure

The Degree Programme in Aviation Business offers you an inspiring and unique learning environment, where you step out of your comfort zone, take on different roles, encounter people, learn to listen and understand customer needs, identify opportunities, and create solutions together with partners.
As a graduate you can manage expert tasks within different areas of rapidly evolving aviation industry and are able to cooperate in various cross-functional teams. You will have a reliable and up-to-date understanding of aviation business processes and operational environment. You will also have advanced knowledge of relevant rules and regulations, and business development mindset with the focus on economically viable, socially and environmentally responsible aviation business.
Upon graduation from the Aviation Business program, you will have competencies in such areas as:
• Sustainable aviation business operations
• Airline business
• Airport business
• Air cargo
• Cross-cultural communication and leadership
• Developing aviation services
• Project management and teamwork

The Aviation Business Degree, 210 ECTS (credits), consists of:
• Key competences in business 45 ECTS
• Key competences in international business administration 30 ECTS
• Languages 20 ECTS
• Professional competences
• Major courses in Aviation Business 45-60 ECTS
• Major / Minor courses 10-25 ECTS
• Work placement 30 ECTS
• Thesis in the field of Aviation Business 15 ECTS


Aviation Business is international by default. Customers, vendors and organizations typically operate on international markets regardless of the size of the company. The English language is the lingua franca of Aviation business. The students in the Degree Programme in Aviation Business represent various nationalities from all over the world.
The programme offers excellent opportunities for networking and benefiting from cross-cultural collaboration – and creating friendships. Most students will go on student exchange and some will do their work placement abroad. The wide Haaga-Helia international partner network consists of nearly 200 institutions. The programme offers also various possibilities for internationalisation at home.

The students can participate in short term studies, summer schools, projects abroad and international tutoring activities. The Haaga-Helia student body consists of over 100 different nationalities. Haaga-Helia offers guidance on how to plan the international elements to one´s personal study plan depending on the student’s interests and career goals.

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

Learning takes place in multicultural teams in meaningful and challenging business projects, commissioned by aviation organisations. These commissioner contacts help you to build your professional networks, a professional mindset, and motivation to grow already during the studies, which is the key to your employability.
The programme works in cooperation with a wide range of different companies and organisations of aviation field (e.g. airports, airlines, air cargo) in Finland and abroad.

The students of the programme can benefit from the wide network of almost 200 international partner institutions of Haaga-Helia. The programme staff and students also participate in various international projects and networks, by developing e.g. the internationalisation and exports of enterprises.

Career opportunities

You can implement your business skills both in large aviation organisations and in smaller businesses that add value to supply chains in the aviation industry. You can also start and run businesses of your own. As a graduate you have strong professional skills in such fields as airline business, airport business, and air cargo.

Postgraduate studies

After finishing BBA studies you can apply for Master level studies in universities of applied sciences and universities in Finland and abroad. Haaga-Helia offers Master’s degree programmes, e.g., in Sustainable Aviation Business; you can apply for Master’s once you have 2 years of work experience after your Bachelor’s degree.

Alumni activities

Read more about the Haaga-Helia´s alumni and join the international network.

Contact information

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Degree Director: Anna Hankimaa
Guidance Councellor: Mari Austin

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