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In addition to the studies below, you can also choose elective studies from the curricula of other degrees.

OTH8SL19 Adapted physical activity online course 5 cr
PHY8SL0014 Adventure Race 3 cr
COA8SD002 Athlete centered coaching 5 cr
OTH8SL009 Basics of gym 3 cr
OTH8SL011 Basics of Wellbeing Technology 5 cr
PHY001AS4A Basics of Wellbeing Technology 5 cr
SPO007AS4AE Communication Skills 5 cr
COM1SD406 Communication skills 2 5 cr
PSY8SL009 Coping under pressure - How to enhance athlete performance 5 cr
SPO003AS4A Coping Under Pressure - How to Enhance Athlete Performance 5 cr
OTH8SL013 Digital Marketing and Communication of Services of Physical Activity 5 cr
OTH8SL014 Digital Production of Visual Content 5 cr
SPO008AS4A Disordered eating and eating disorders in sports 5 cr
OTH8SL016 European labor market in sport and physical activity sector 4 cr
OTH8SL007 Event development 10 cr
OTH8SL005 First Aid 1 1 cr
PHY8SL001 Fitness tests 5 cr
ELE8SD012 Hockey chalk talk 5 cr
SPO009AS4AE Hockey Chalk Talk 1 5 cr
ELE8SD013 Hockey Chalk Talk 2 5 cr
SPO010AS4AE Hockey Chalk Talk 2 5 cr
OTH8SL17 Human Anatomy and Physiology 5 cr
COA8SD001 Ice Hockey Coaching Cafe 3 cr
SPO005AS4A Ice Hockey Tournaments 5 cr
OTH8SL015 Implementation of an Outdoor Service in a Cooperation Network 5 cr
PHY8SL0013 Kayaking course 2 cr
PHY8SL0018 Lifestyle coaching 5 cr
PHY002AS4A Lifestyle Coaching 5 cr
OTH8SL010 Motor learning 5 cr
SPO001AS4AE Not in use 0 cr
OTH8SL002 Organizational activities 3 cr
OTH8SL001 Organizing an event 3 cr
SPO006AS4AE Orientation to Finland 1 cr
WOR8SL0012 Orientation to the studies 4 cr
SPO1SL401 Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy 1 5 cr
SPO1SL402 Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy 2 5 cr
OTH8SL008 Product Development 10 cr
PHY8SL0012 Psychomotricity 5 cr
ENG8SL401 Remedial Studies in English 3 cr
SWE8SL401 Remedial studies in Swedish 3 cr
COA8SD003 Secondary School Camp 5 cr
PSY8SL007 Sport psychology: athlete centered coaching 5 cr
SPO002AS4A Sport Psychology: Athlete Centered Coaching 5 cr
PSY8SL002 Sport psychology: Group dynamics in sport 3 cr
PSY8SL005 Sport psychology: mental coaching and psychological skills 5 cr
SPO004AS4A Sport Psychology: Mental Coaching and Psychological Skills 5 cr
PSY8SL004 Sport psychology: Special characteristics of coaching kids and adolescents 2 cr
PSY8SL006 Sport psychology as a part of skill learning 5 cr
PHY004AS4A Sports Instructor as a Personal Trainer 10 cr
OTH8SL017 Student Wellbeing with Peer Mentoring 5 cr
OTH8SL020 Sustainable Movement! 1 cr
PHY006AS4A Sustainable Movement! 1 cr
PHY005AS4A Team Building and Communality 3 cr
THE7SL401 Thesis, workshop 3 cr
OTH8SL004 Tutoring course 3 cr
OTH8SL012 Virtual Wellbeing Services 5 cr
PHY003AS4A Working in an Event 5 cr