Entrepreneurship Studies in Haaga-Helia



Select according to specific criteriacr

YRIT1 What is entrepreneurship? Discover your entrepreneurship! 0 cr
BUS1TN011 Business Operations 5 cr
ECO2KJ201 Business Economics 5 cr
BUS1LH102A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5 cr
ENT3LF101 Forms of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT1LF101 Entrepreneurship 5 cr
WOR8HH032 StartUp School - Find your Strengths 5 cr
WOR8HH040 StartUp School - Tee tulevaisuutesi 5 cr
WOR2KJ103B Self-employed Journalist 5 cr
ENT8LH107 Exploring Entrepreneurship 5 cr
YRIT2 From business idea to business? Start your business! 0 cr
BUS2LS201 Business Planning 5 cr
HOT1RH008 Entrepreneurship and starting a hospitality business 5 cr
TOU2RL004 Entrepreneurship and starting a travel and tourism business 5 cr
ENT3LH101A Forms of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT4LH101A Entrepreneur Training 5 cr
ENT4LH101B Ways Toward Entrepreneurship 5 cr
WOR2KJ202 Media Entrepreneurship 5 cr
WOR8KJ201 Cooperative Business for Journalists 3 cr
ENT4LH102A Organizing a Sports and Wellness Event 5 cr
ENT4LH102B Business Skills for Sports and Wellness Industry 5 cr
BUS2LE201 Business Planning 5 cr
LEA2AB221 Leading Sales and Business Development 10 cr
ENT3LF103 Growth for Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT3LF102 Entrepreneur's Networks and Arenas 5 cr
WOR8HH037 StartUp School - From Idea to Prototype 5 cr
WOR8HH022 StartUp School - Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset 5 cr
WOR2RZ001 From Ideation to Feasible Business 5 cr
WOR8HH035 StartUp School - Light Entrepreneurship 3 cr
LEA2LP2202 Innovative Entrepreneurship and Business Funding 5 cr
ENT8LH108 JA Company Program - Higher Education 10 cr
YRIT3 How to develop your entrepreneurship? Develop and grow your business! 0 cr
FPR3RR006 Operating as entrepreneur 9 cr
BUS3PO311 Global Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Companies 1 5 cr
WOR8HH039 StartUp School Workshops for Action 5 cr
BUS2LE201 Business Planning 5 cr
WOR8HH024 StartUp School Coaching 1 5 cr
WOR8HH025 StartUp School Coaching 2 5 cr
WOR8HH018 StartUp School Project 3 cr
WOR8HH028 StartUp School Project 2 5 cr
FPR1RR005 Business Development Project 5 cr
FPR1RR012 Business Development Project (cooperative) 5 cr
ENT3LH101C Networks and Arenas of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT3LH101B Entrepreneurship and Future Scenarios 5 cr
WOR8HH040 StartUp School - Tee tulevaisuutesi 5 cr
YRIT4 0 cr
ENT4HM001 Entrepreneurial Resources and Networks 5 cr
ENT4HM002 From Opportunities to Business 10 cr
ENT4HM003 Go to Market and Grow 5 cr
ENT4HM004 Financial Toolkit for Entrepreneurs and SME's 5 cr