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Entrepreneurship Studies and StartUp School in Haaga-Helia



The world is changing rapidly and so is the world of work. In the future, work will be fragmented - for example, careers may consist of successive periods of paid work and self-employment. These changes will require an entrepreneurial approach from all of us. At Haaga-Helia, you will be equipped to become an entrepreneur during or after your studies. You can also work on entrepreneurship in an expert role! Our studies develop the skills needed in working life.

Entrepreneurship studies can complement your skills alongside your major studies. Best of all, entrepreneurship studies are suitable for all degrees!

Entrepreneurship studies help you develop your entrepreneurial and business skills:
- entrepreneurial thinking and action
- Understanding and anticipating change
- your capacity and ability to manage your own career
- understanding entrepreneurship in different roles
- your ability to develop and create business from ideas
- a holistic business mindset
- your ability to identify business opportunities and business ideas; and
- your ability to develop and internationalise an SME.

Please note that some of the courses will be available later on.


Select according to specific criteria0 - 0 cr

For starting entrepreneur 0 cr
ENT001AS2A From Idea to Innovation 5 cr
ENT001AS2AE From Idea to Innovation 5 cr
ENT002AS2A Becoming an Entrepreneur 5 cr
ENT003AS2A Business Planning 5 cr
ENT005AS2A Forms of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT005AS2AE Forms of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT008AS2AE Entrepreneur’s Networks and Arenas 5 cr
ENT017AS2A Pre-Incubator – From Idea to Business Model 5 cr
ENT018AS2A Pre-Incubator – Workshops for Business Competences 5 cr
ENT019AS2A Pre-Incubator - Coaching: Entrepreneurial Skills 5 cr
ENT020AS2A SuS Coaching 5 cr
ENT020AS2AE SuS Coaching 5 cr
ENT002TR1AE Expanding to Foreign Markets 5 cr
ENT023AS2A Year as an Entrepreneur - Higher Level 10 cr
Expertise in entrepreneurship 0 cr
ENT005AS2A Forms of Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT006AS2A Entrepreneurship and Future Scenarios 5 cr
ENT008AS2A Entrepreneur`s Networks and Arenas 5 cr
LAW006AS2A Law for Entrepreneurs 5 cr
ENT004AS2A Projects for Entrepreneurship 15 cr
For developing and growing business 0 cr
ENT012AS2AE Sustainable Business Opportunities 5 cr
ENT013AS2AE Global Opportunities for Growth 5 cr
ENT014AS2AE Strategic Business Development 5 cr
ENT015AS2AE Digital Platforms and Channels to Global Markets 5 cr
0 cr
ENT4HM007 Self-knowledge and Entrepreneurial Mindset 5 cr
ENT4HM111 Self-knowledge and Entrepreneurial Mindset 5 cr
ENT4HM110 Fostering Creativity and Innovativeness at Organisations 5 cr
ENT4HM105 Current Trends in Entrepreneurship 5 cr
ENT4HM112 Project Courses of Entrepreneurship 5 cr