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Summer Studies 2024




The summer 2024 course offering below is open to all Haaga-Helia degree programme students, regardless of degree programme. Please note that many courses have starting level requirements, such as previously completed courses or equivalent knowledge. Admission to the course is conditional until the starting level requirements have been reviewed.

The details and timetables of the summer implementations will be shown in the course information below after the timetables have been published on the Timetable Machine by 20 November the latest. You can search summer courses in Timetable Machine by implementation code or group code SUMMER.

Enrol for summer courses in Peppi during first enrolment 27 November - 4 December 2023 and/ or second enrolment starting 2 January 2024.

Open UAS student: search for interesting Open UAS summer courses at https://www.haaga-helia.fi/en/open-uas. Enrolment starts 8 December 2022.


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Business, Administration and Law 0 cr
ANA003AS2A Survey - Design and Analysis 5 cr
ANA004AS2A Business Mathematics 5 cr
AVI009AS3AE Futures of Aviation 5 cr
COR007AS2A Principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5 cr
ECO001TR1A Principles of Economics 5 cr
ECO001TR1AE Principles of Economics 5 cr
ECO010AS3A Internal Control and Risk Management 5 cr
ECO011AS2A Economics for Investors 5 cr
ECO019AS2A Sustainable Finance 5 cr
ENT002TR1AE Expanding to Foreign Markets 5 cr
ENT022AS2A Responsible Entrepreneurship 5 cr
GER001AS2A German 1 5 cr
HRL006AS2A Knowledge Management 5 cr
LAW001TR1A Business Law 5 cr
LAW003AS2A Marketing Law 5 cr
MAR004AS2A Social Media, Content and Influencer Marketing 5 cr
MAR013AS3A Designing Advertising and Publication Graphics 5 cr
MAR017AS3A Cross Border Brand Communication 5 cr
SAL002AS2A Omnichannel Sales 5 cr
SER003AS3A Future Scenarios and Trends 5 cr
SPA002AS2A Spanish 2 5 cr
Information and Communication Technologies 0 cr
ANA002AS2A Advanced Course in Excel 5 cr
ANA002AS2AE Advanced Use of Excel 5 cr
BUS1TF107 Project Management 5 cr
DIG002AS3AE Design Sprint Days 5 cr
DIG002AS2A Innovation and Prototyping 5 cr
DIG005AS3AE 3D Printing 3 cr
DIG006AS2A Digital User Experience 5 cr
DIG012AS2AE Basic 3D Design with Blender 3 cr
ICB004AS2A ICT Contracts 5 cr
ICB008AS2A ICT Project Management 5 cr
ICB008AS2AE ICT Project Management 5 cr
ICB017AS2A Working with AI 2 cr
ICT8TN034 Python web service - from an idea to production 5 cr
SAL1TA002 Selling ICT Solutions 5 cr
SOF002AS2A Software Requirements Analysis 5 cr
SOF004AS2A Python Programming 5 cr
SOF005AS2AE Programming 1 5 cr
SOF012AS3AE Software Testing 5 cr
Service Industry 0 cr
Arts and Culture Industry 0 cr
JOU003AS3A Expression Skills for Journalists 2 5 cr
JOU018AS2A Structure and Editing of Journalistic Text 5 cr
Common Studies 0 cr
ANA001HH1A Research and Development Skills 5 cr
COM001HH1AE Professional Communication 5 cr
COM8HH004 Social Media Marketing in Modern Business 5 cr
COM8HH009 Digital Marketing in Modern Business 5 cr
COM8HH010 Paid Social Media Advertising in Modern Business 5 cr
ECO001HH1A Basics of Financial Management 5 cr
ECO001HH1AE Basics of Financial Management 5 cr
ENG001HH1AE Professional English 5 cr
HRL001HH1AE Teamwork and Project Management 5 cr
ICB001HH1A ICT Competencies 5 cr
MAR001HH1AE Customer Insight and Marketing 5 cr
MAR001HH1A Customer Insight and Marketing 5 cr
SAL001HH1A Customer Experience and Sales 5 cr
SWE001HH1A Professional Swedish 5 cr