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Haaga Free-Choice Studies



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In addition to the studies below, you can also choose elective studies from the curricula of other degrees.

Haaga's free elective studies (IN FINNISH) 15 cr
EXP8RL400 Circular Economy in Travel and Tourism Business 5 cr
COM8HA002 Scientific reading and writing 2 cr
COM8RH021 Negotiation skills 3 cr
CUL8HA003 Multiculturality and intercultural competence 5 cr
ENT8LH101 JA Start Up (Junior Achievement) 10 cr
FPR8RH026 Restaurant Gastronomy 6 cr
FPR8RH028 Food and Media 5 cr
LEA8RL002 Superior - Good Communication in Employment Relationship 5 cr
MAR8RH024 School Marketing 1 cr
OTH8HH005 Professional Current Events 1 cr
TIG8RH027 Excel as a Tool for Operative Accounting in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Industry 3 cr
RES8RH035 Advanced Wine Course 5 cr
SWE8HA001 Träna svenska 2 cr
SWE8HA002 Svenska för företagsledare 3 cr
SWE8HA005 Svenska i hotell, restaurang och turismbranchen (intensive) 5 cr
OTH8HH011 Tutor activities, Peer Tutor 3 cr
OTH8HH013 Tutoring, Head Tutor 5 cr
OTH8HA400 UAS Study Skills for Open University Route Students 2 cr
WOR8RZ001 Responsible Business ( Virtual non-stop) 5 cr
ENT8LH400 Ny Start up korkeakoulu: Part 1 Let´s Innovate 5 cr
ENT8LH401 Ny Start up korkeakoulu: Part 2 Let´s Do Business 5 cr
RES8RH021 Wine Course 3 cr
RES8RH023 Spirits and Cocktails 3 cr
RES8RH022 Beers and Pub Operations 3 cr
Haaga's free elective studies (IN ENGLISH) 0 cr
BIG8RZ001 Basics of Coding for Hospitality and Tourism Business 5 cr
CUL8HA002 Intercultural Training 3 cr
CUL8RR001 Food and Culture 6 cr
CUL8RZ002 Intercultural Survival Course - case Finland 2 cr
ENV8HA001 Responsible Business Management 3 cr
EXP1RZ005 Creating Transformative Experiences 5 cr
EXP8HA001 Haaga Student Competition Team 5 cr
FIN8RZ001 Finnish for spoken situations in hospitality 3 cr
HOT1RL001 Accommodation Operations in Tourism Industry 3 cr
INT8HA001 Developing Intercultural Competence 2 cr
LEA8HR400 Managerial Hospitality Business Simulation Game 5 cr
LEA8RZ001 Leading Virtual Teams 5 cr
ORI1RZ400 Introduction to Experience Economy 5 cr
RES8HA003 Advanced Wine Course (3AMK) 5 cr
RES8RZ003 World of wines 3 cr
SOC1RZ002 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Business 5 cr
TKI8RZ001 Creativity and Innovation in Hospitality 6 cr
TRA1RZ400 Travel Safety 0 cr
PLA8RZ001 Work Placement 3 15 cr
STU011HH1AE Employment in Finland 1 cr