Bachelor studies

SAMPO17 Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Spring 2018

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Basic Studies
(All compulsory)
Learning Camp
(All compulsory)
INS1PO101 Learning Camp 1 – Learn to learn 5
INS1PO102 Learning Camp 2 – Development methods 5
Business Basics for Sales and Marketing
(All compulsory)
BUS1LC101 Business Basics for Sales and Marketing 1 5
BUS1LC102 Business Basics for Sales and Marketing 2 5
Business Environment Analysis
(All compulsory)
OPE1LC101 Business Environment Analysis 1 5
OPE1LC102 Business Environment Analysis 2 5
Customer Insight
(All compulsory)
SAL1LC101 Customer Insight 1 5
SAL1LC102 Customer Insight 2 5
Self and Team Leadership
(All compulsory)
LEA1LC101 Self and Team Leadership 1 5
LEA1LC102 Self and Team Leadership 2 5
Areal Studies 1
(Select 10 ECTS)
FIN1PO101 Welcome to Finland 1 5
FIN1PO102 Welcome to Finland 2 5
NRD1PO101 Nordic Areal Studies 1 5
NRD1PO102 Nordic Areal Studies 2 5
Professional Studies
(All compulsory)
Learning Camp
(All compulsory)
INS2PO201 Learning Camp 3 – Service design 5  
INS2PO202 Learning Camp 4 – Orientation to thesis writing 5  
Value Creation in Sustainable Sales
(All compulsory)
BUS2LC201 Value Creation in Sustainable Sales 1 5  
BUS2LC202 Value Creation in Sustainable Sales 2 5  
Organisational Management and Leadership
(All compulsory)
LEA2LC201 Leading Human Resources 5  
LEA2LC202 Developing Human Resources 5  
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(All compulsory)
LEA2LC221 Leading Sales and Business Development 10    
Customer Experience Management
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
SAL2LC203 Customer Experience Management 10  
Areal Studies 2
(Select 10 ECTS)
ASA2PO201 Asian Areal Studies 1 5  
ASA2PO202 Asian Areal Studies 2 5  
COD2PO201 Applied Coding 1 5  
COD2PO202 Applied Coding 2 5  
GER2PO201 German Areal Studies 1 5  
GER2PO202 German Areal Studies 2 5  
RUS2PO201 Russian Areal Studies 1 5  
RUS2PO202 Russian Areal Studies 2 5  
SPA2PO201 Spanish Areal Studies 1 5  
SPA2PO202 Spanish Areal Studies 2 5  
Advanced Studies
(Select 30 ECTS)
BUS3PO307 Branding 5    
BUS3PO316 Business Analytics 5    
PSS3PO302 E-Business 10    
BUS3PO311 Global Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Companies 1 5    
BUS3PO312 Global Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Companies 2 5    
BUS3PO306 Foreign Market Expansion to Emerging Markets 5    
BUS3PO314 Mind the Gap in International Business 10    
BUS3PO310 Risk Management and Responsible Business 10    
BUS3PO315 Service Innovation and Entrepreneurship 10    
LEA3PO301 Developing Emotional Intelligence 5    
Free Choice Studies
(Select 15 ECTS)
Work Placement
(Select 30 ECTS)
PLA6PO100 Work Placement 30    
PLA6PO101 Work Placement 1 10  
PLA6PO102 Work Placement 2 10  
PLA6PO103 Work Placement 3 10    
PLA6PO110 International Work Placement 30    
PLA6PO111 International Work Placement 1 10  
PLA6PO112 International Work Placement 2 10  
PLA6PO113 International Work Placement 3 10    
Bachelor’s Thesis
(All compulsory)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 7013015503535706012035017.517.517.517.535353030606017.517.500


The core of the Campus 2017 philosophy

Porvoo Campus offers a modern and innovative learning environment, where students work in real projects. As a student you are able to start networking with companies already during your studies. Porvoo Campus is truly international with approximately 50 nationalities. Studies include teamwork, international projects as well as options for exchange and work placement abroad.

Engaging Campus atmosphere: Motivating, supportive and modern campus

Porvoo Campus is the place to be if you as a student value learning in an atmosphere which is truly motivating and fun. You are important both as an individual learner and as a committed team member. You challenge yourself in learning future skills and growing into a specialist. You are an active and empowered learner in a supportive environment. Your professional growth in built on regular constructive feedback. You share because you care, as does everybody on Porvoo Campus. Your innovative ideas count and make the difference. This is what our students have said:

“Staff members really listen and care for the students and their further learning.”

“The atmosphere on Porvoo Campus in motivating, inviting, relaxed, cosy, happy and encouraging!”

“Lots of light! Traditional hierarchical classrooms are happily missing.”

“Campus is so lovely! So many different types of rooms, where we students can work in groups and independently!

International and team based way of working

Studying on Porvoo Campus gives you plenty of opportunities for networking, multicultural encounters and making friends. In fact, you can join projects in any degree programme and gain new perspectives across different industries and make your own personalized study path. Porvoo Campus students praise the team spirit as well as the many opportunities for collaboration and creative problem-solving in projects. They also really value the change to practice team work in mixed groups:

“I like working with people from other countries and cultures it´s interesting to see how they think about solving problems.”

“I enjoy working teams with different students and it has been nice to get to know some other students outside my group. It is nice to share ideas which each other and learn from others. I also enjoy developing team work skills and think it is a very important skill to have in future.”

“We have had a lot of group work and projects, and this is positive because group work skills and getting along with different types of people in needed in almost every job.”

Learning by doing: Real and concrete projects that prepare for the future work

Porvoo Campus curriculum is based on competences that are need in the future work life. Creativity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems are competences that are needed in the future. You are engaged in real and practical projects which prepares you for your future career. You will have a change to make study trips abroad, create business ideas and organize events such as DigiDay, Campus does Good and Business Idea Fair. You also study in learning camps and reading circles. This is what our students have said:

“I have learnt to challenge myself, do things faster and more efficiently and evaluate myself.”

“We learn through practice by engaging in real projects instead of sitting in Iectures. In my opinion this prepares us better for work life and helps to adapt theory into practice.”