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IBBA Degree Programme in International Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Business Administration

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Name and level of education

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi

Admission requirements and applications

Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25

Scope and duration

210 ECTS, 3.5 years

Recognition of learning

Read more about the principles of recognition of learning at Haaga-Helia. Recognition of learning

Mode of study

Full-time day programme

Language of tuition

The degree programme is conducted in English.
The studies include a certain amount of Finnish areal studies.

Requirements and decrees

Completion of the courses specified in the curriculum, compulsory work placement, a thesis and maturity test.

The Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences 1129/2014.

Study attainments and assessment

Find out more about the degree regulations and assessment process of Haaga-Helia Degree regulations

Targets and structure

Porvoo Campus curriculum is based on competences that are need in the future work life. Creativity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems are competences that are needed in the future. Therefore, you are engaged in real and practical projects which prepares you for your future career. Porvoo Campus students praise the team spirit as well as the many opportunities for collaboration and creative problem-solving in projects.

Programme contents:
Basic studies 60 ECTS
Professional studies 60 ECTS
Advanced studies 30 ECTS
Free-choice studies 15 ECTS
Work placement 30 ECTS
Bachelor´s thesis 15 ECTS


Studying on Porvoo Campus gives you plenty of opportunities for networking, multicultural encounters and making friends. In fact, you can join projects in any degree programme and gain new perspectives across different industries and make your own personalized study path. Porvoo Campus is truly international with approximately 50 nationalities.

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

You are able to start networking with companies already during your studies.

Career opportunities

A bachelor of International Business Administration on Porvoo Campus might be employed in various industries with several professional titles, some of which may include for instance:

Customer service specialist
Sales manager or assistant
Sales analyst
Product planner
Marketing manager or assistant
Account manager

Postgraduate studies

Non-Degree studies in Haaga-Helia
Master's Degree studies
University studies

Contact information

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Porvoo Campus
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FI-06100 Porvoo

Porvoo Study Services: +358 400 230 405
email: studyservices.porvoo(at)

Porvoo Campus Info +358 40 488 7444
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Haaga-Helia operator +358 9 229 611

Degree Programme Director (temp)
Mrs Malin Lahdensuo
email: malin.lahdensuo(at)