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TEMPO Degree Programme in Tourism Event and Management
Bachelor of Hospitality Management, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

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Name and level of degree

Bachelor of Hospitality Management and the Finnish title of restonomi (AMK)

Admission requirements and applications

Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25
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Scope and duration of the degree

210 ECTS, 3.5 years

Recognition of learning

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Mode of study

Full-time day programme

Language of tuition

The degree programme is conducted in English.
The studies include a certain amount of Finnish areal studies and a choice of other areal studies. Finnish students are also offered a number of learning activities in Finnish and Swedish languages.

Degree requirements and decrees

Completion of the courses specified in the curriculum, compulsory work placement, a thesis and maturity test.

The Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences 1129/2014.

Study attainments and assessment

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Degree profile, targets and structure

The degree programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management provides students competency in the field of tourism, catering and domestic services. Hospitality, tourism and experience (elämys in Finnish; upplevelse in Swedish) are some of the world’s most dynamic and leading socio-economic sectors. Examples of experiences are cultural events, music festivals, sport activities, art performances, and social celebrations. The overall objective of the programme is to provide hospitality, tourism and experience mind-set for students being able to develop, create and design experiences whilst connecting them with business opportunities.

Degree Programme in the Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management has four corner-stones of studies: working-life orientation, business management, aesthetics and internationality. They are integrated into all study modules.

The student's professional growth is process towards developing expertise through the study modules. Each academic year has priorities that support the student's professional growth and students are encouraged to reflect on their own professional orientation.

Depending on the path chosen (Hospitality Experience Management or Tourism Experience Management) student will professionally grow in individual subject modules and develop an expertise in the field.

Programme contents:
Core studies 60 ECTS
Professional studies 60 ECTS
Specialization studies 30 ECTS
Free-choice studies 15 ECTS
Work placement 30 ECTS
Bachelor´s thesis 15 ECTS


The programme is truly international in its curriculum, teacher profiles and industry networks and also a diverse student body from over fifty countries. The programme provides students with numerous learning opportunities that assist them to prepare for management careers in Finland and abroad.

A culturally diverse student body will impact the internationalization of the student experience and facilitate the development of an appreciation of cultural differences and intercultural sensibility.

Learning outcomes are facilitated by the European and global business environments through international case studies and learning materials. Some of the modules are jointly designed and taught with partner schools abroad.

Students have opportunities to take part in student exchange in Europe, Asia and South or North-America. Student may complete international studies in e.g.:

- double degree programs
- student exchange programs
- work placements abroad
- study trips
- international studies in Finland or abroad.

The most appropriate time for student exchange is the second year of study, autumn or spring semester.

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

International and national alliances with hospitality companies (e.g. hotel chains, holiday resorts and airlines) and educational partnerships provide the opportunity to increase the international knowledge and experiences for the students. This is feasible in provision of internship or study project work across borders.

Career opportunities

Many Hospitality Experience Management specialization graduates go on to run independent businesses, while others score management positions in restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, spas, or any other residential or food service businesses. Graduates of Tourism Experience Management specialization find managerial positions in events, fairs, airlines, cruise ships and other tour and travel companies.

Postgraduate studies

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Degree Programme Director
Mrs Kiti Häkkinen
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