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ABBA Degree Programme in Aviation Business
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Business Administration

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Name and level of education

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi

Admission requirements and applications

Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25
Before applying see the admission criteria at Studyinfo

Scope and duration

210 ECTS, 3.5 years

Recognition of learning

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Mode of study

Full-time day programme

Language of tuition

The degree programme is conducted in English.
The studies include a certain amount of Finnish areal studies and a choice of other areal studies. Finnish students are also offered a number of learning activities in Finnish and Swedish languages.

Requirements and decrees

Completion of the courses specified in the curriculum, compulsory work placement, a thesis and maturity test.

The Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences 1129/2014.

Study attainments and assessment

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Targets and structure

Porvoo Campus curriculum is based on competences that are need in the future work life. Creativity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems are competences that are needed in the future. You are engaged in real and practical projects which prepares you for your future career. You will have a change to make study trips abroad, create business ideas and organize events such as DigiDay, Campus does Good and Business Idea Fair. You also study in learning camps and reading circles.

This is what our students have said:
“I have learnt to challenge myself, do things faster and more efficiently and evaluate myself.”

“We learn through practice by engaging in real projects instead of sitting in Iectures. In my opinion this prepares us better for work life and helps to adapt theory into practice.”

A graduate of Aviation Business Bachelor degree programmes on Porvoo Campus will have a clear and comprehensive understanding of aviation business and its operational environment, such as airports, airlines, cargo, safety, and regulations. The graduate will be flexible and competent to operate across various tasks in dynamic and changing professional context of aviation business, prepared to forecast future developments. The graduate will have a solid professional background and readiness to lead continuous self-development. During the studies, the graduate will master information gathering, analysis, and critical thinking. The graduate will excel at applying the knowledge in project work.

All studies will take place in an international multicultural environment, which will enable the graduate with intercultural skills. The graduate will also have strong teamwork skills, the right attitude for sales and service, and entrepreneurial approach.

Programme contents:
Core studies 60 ECTS
Professional studies 60 ECTS
Specialization studies 30 ECTS
Free-choice studies 15 ECTS
Work placement 30 ECTS
Bachelor´s thesis 15 ECTS


Most of the learning takes place in real-life projects for aviation businesses operating internationally. This opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their networks already during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates to find jobs both in Finland and abroad.

A study period abroad is recommended. It can be exchange, work placement, project or thesis work. The programme itself offers a multicultural laboratory in daily work.

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

Learning takes place projects. In most of the modules the students work for a aviation business company on challenges assigned by the company. Learning is work and work is learning.

On Porvoo Campus, learning takes place in authentic and demanding worklife projects led by multicultural groups. These projects commissioned by representatives of aviation business companies and organizations help students develop professional networks already during the studies.

Career opportunities

Learning with business life opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their networks already during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates to find jobs both in Finland and abroad.

A bachelor of Business Administration on Porvoo Campus might be employed in various industries with several professional titles, some of which may include for instance:

Customer service specialist
Sales manager or assistant
Sales analyst
Traffic and product planner
Marketing manager or assistant
Account manager

Postgraduate studies

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