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Cultural Tourism e-learning Programme



Are you a student, entrepreneur or other actor in the field of culture or tourism? Do you want to deepen your knowledge of cultural tourism or build new cooperation networks?

Finland needs more high-quality cultural tourism services to meet the growing demand of tourism. The development of these services requires attractive and distinctive cultural contents, multidisciplinary networks and strong expertise in the productisation and sale of tourism services. Tourism provides existing distribution, sales and marketing channels for cultural production, which can be used to attract new target groups to artistic and cultural content or to develop the profitability and business of cultural services.

The cultural tourism programme consists of three five-credit courses, which are available for studying either individually or as a whole.

The e-learning programme is implemented by JAMK, Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and LAB universities of applied sciences, as a co-operation between cultural production and tourism education. Each university of applied sciences produces studies for the common programme, which can be utilized by the participants in the training as agreed.

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Students and / or actors in both the cultural and tourism fields participate in the courses at the same time in order to enable genuine interaction and networking between the fields. Interdisciplinary dialogue, the utilization of the wide networks of actors made possible by cooperation, the identification and sharing of best practices, and learning from others and thus developing one's own skills are essential.