Bachelor studies

Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Spring 2019

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

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(Select 93 ECTS)
Professional Development
(All compulsory)
SLF1LH101A I as a Higher Education Student 1
SLF1LH101B Toward Graduation 2
Skills Tests
(All compulsory)
Professional Development
(All compulsory)
Business Skills
(All compulsory)
BUS1LH102A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5
BUS1LH102B Operational Environments 5
BUS1LH102C Business ICT Skills 5
Work Community Skills
(All compulsory)
ORG1LH102A Cooperation Skills 5
ORG1LH102B Communication Skills 5
ORG1LH102C Employment Relationship Skills 5
Customer Skills
(All compulsory)
CUS1LH101A Sales and Service Skills 6
CUS1LH101B Customer and Marketing Skills 6
CUS1LH101C Business Swedish, Spoken Skills 2
CUS1LH101D Business Swedish, Written Skills 1
Financial Skills
(All compulsory)
ACF1LH101A Personal Finance 3
ACF1LH101B Business Accounting 8
ACF1LH101C Corporate Finance 4
Global Skills
(All compulsory)
GLO1LH101A Globalization and Internationalization 5  
GLO1LH101B Communication and Culture 5  
GLO1LH101C Language Skills 5  
Business Development Skills
(All compulsory)
RDI1LH101A Innovation Skills 5  
RDI1LH101B Digital Business 5  
RDI1LH101C Analysis Skills 5  
(Select 45 ECTS)
Finance and Economy
(Select 0 ECTS)
Corporate Financial Management
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
ACF3LH101A Accounting and Reporting 10  
ACF3LH101B Management Accounting and Finance 5  
Management Accounting
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
ACC4LH101A Strategic Management Accounting 5  
ACC4LH101B Operative Management Accounting 5  
Financial Statements and Corporate Taxation
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
Digital Accounting
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
ACC4LH103A Digital Accounting and ERP Systems 5    
ACC4LH103B Information Management in Financial Administration and BI Reporting 5    
Professional Module in Auditing
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
ACC4LH104A Principles and Methods in Auditing 5    
ACC4LH104B Auditing in Practice 5    
ACC4LH104C Internal Control and Audit 5    
Corporate Finance
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
FIE4LH101A Corporate Finance Planning 5  
FIE4LH101B Corporate Valuation and Acquisitions 5  
Investment Services
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
FIE4LH102A Investment Operations and Security Markets 5    
FIE4LH102B Regulation of Securities Markets 5    
Marketing and Communication
(Select 0 ECTS)
Marketing and Communication Management
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
CAM3LH101A Marketing and Communication Research 5  
CAM3LH101B Service and Marketing Planning 5  
CAM3LH101C Krea Creative - Creative Planning 5  
Krea Media
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
COM4LH101 Krea Media – Strategic Planning and Multichannel Management 10  
Krea Design
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
COM4LH102 Creative Concept Planning and Visual Communication 10    
Krea Digital
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
COM4LH103 Krea Digital – Digital Content Planning and Video Production 10    
Krea Community
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
Service Business and Customer Relations
(Select 0 ECTS)
Marketing and Communication Management
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
Service Planning and Sales
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
CUS4LH101A Service Development and Service Design 5  
CUS4LH101B B2B Sales and Sales Management 5  
Customer Relationship Management
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
CUS4LH102A Consumer Behaviour 5    
CUS4LH102B Customer Relationship Management and ICT Systems 5    
Service Mill - Service Development Project
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
CUS4LH103A Service Brands and Multichannel Service Models 5    
CUS4LH103B Service Prototypes and Service Launch Marketing 5    
HR and Management
(Select 0 ECTS)
Leadership and Management Skills
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
LEA3LH101A Self-leadership 5  
LEA3LH101B Basic Management Tasks 5  
LEA3LH101C Managing a Diverse Work Community 5  
HR as a Partner
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
LEA4LH101A HR Processes 5  
LEA4LH101B HR as Employer and Staff Representative 5  
Strategy and Change
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
LEA4LH103A Competitive Strategies 5    
LEA4LH103B Operation Development 5    
HR as an Employment Specialist
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
LEA4LH104A Managerial HR Legislation 5    
LEA4LH104B Employee Rewarding and Salary Expertise 5    
Global Markets and Trade
(Select 0 ECTS)
The Foundations of Growing a Global Business
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
GLO3LH101A International Competitive Strategy 5  
GLO3LH101B Basics of Supply Chain Management 5  
GLO3LH101C Frameworks and Structures in Global Trade 5  
Planning an International Business
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
GLO4LH101 Planning an International Business 10  
Operating an International Business
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
GLO4LH102 Operating an International Business 10    
Digitalizing an International Business
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
GLO4LH103 Digitalizing an International Business 10    
Entrepreneurship and Networks
(Select 0 ECTS)
Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity
(Select 15-15 ECTS)
ENT3LH101A Forms of Entrepreneurship 5  
ENT3LH101B Entrepreneurship and Future Scenarios 5  
ENT3LH101C Networks and Arenas of Entrepreneurship 5  
Developing Personal Entrepreneurship
(Select 10-10 ECTS)
ENT4LH101A Entrepreneur Training 5  
ENT4LH101B Ways Toward Entrepreneurship 5