Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences provides Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and offers specialisation studies and education for the needs of continuous learning. Haaga-Helia is an international organisation and studies offer many opportunities for developing global competences, for example in the form of international student exchanges.

Haaga-Helia has a competence-based curriculum. The competence requirements have been defined in collaboration with business life. The learning objectives of studies are described in the curriculum. In competence-based curricula, the learning objectives, contents and assessment criteria of the degree and studies are defined. The learning objectives define competences that students are expected to have. The assessment criteria describe levels of competence. Students can proceed in their studies also by using prior learning or work-based learning during studies.

Haaga-Helia is currently implementing a large educational reform in Bachelor’s degrees, which will increase students’ choices. At present, we implement both previous and new curricula. Previous degree programmes gradually disappear from the curricula and they are replaced with broader degrees. Similar reform has been carried out previously in master’s degrees. The new curriculum has a fixed structure, but the competences will be updated continuously according to the competence requirements of the business life.

The curriculum includes descriptions of the courses. The same course may belong to the curriculum of several different student groups. Course descriptions define the implementation language, execution methods, assessment criteria, and learning materials.

Teachers define more detailed information about course implementation in an implementation plan. If the curriculum shows courses that have not been implemented previously, the information concerning the course implementation will be published before the enrolment period.

The curricula and courses of terminated degree programmes can be found from the archives.