Porvoo advanced studies



The student deepens his/her professional skills and knowledge by selecting 30 credits of advanced studies.

All Porvoo Campus advanced-level studies are listed here. Please note that choosing your advanced studies is programme-specific: all other students than the Finnish business administration students (Liipo) can choose their advanced studies freely. More information on the degree programme pages.






Select 30 cr

Keväällä 2021 tarjottavat toteutukset
Aviation Business
AIR3PO301 Airline Business 10 cr
AIR3PO302 Airport Business 10 cr
AIR3PO303 Air Cargo 10 cr
Sales and Marketing
BUS3PO320 Branding 10 cr
BUS3PO319 Digital Experience Design 10 cr
SAL3PO301 The Nordic Store Concepts 1 5 cr
SAL3PO302 The Nordic Store Concepts 2 5 cr
SAL3PO303 Concept Planning 10 cr
SAL3PO304 Selling Online 10 cr
Event Design and Management
LEA3PO301 Developing Emotional Intelligence 5 cr
SAL3PO320 Virtual Experiences in Meetings and Events 5 cr
Sustainable Tourism
EXP8RL400 Circular Economy in Travel and Tourism Business 5 cr
TOU3PO302 Responsible Space Tourism 5 cr
BUS3PO310 Risk Management and Responsible Business 10 cr
TRA3PO303 Sustainable Nature Tourism 1 5 cr
TRA3PO304 Sustainable Nature Tourism 2 5 cr
Cultural Tourism e-learning Programme
TOU3PO310 An Approach to Cultural Tourism 5 cr
TOU3PO311 From Idea to Product in Cultural Tourism 5 cr
TOU3PO312 Cultural Tourism as a Change Agent 5 cr
Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship
BUS3PO311 Global Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Companies 1 5 cr
BUS3PO312 Global Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Companies 2 5 cr
BUS3PO315 Service Innovation and Entrepreneurship 10 cr
BUS3PO302 Financial Analysis in Business Management 5 cr
Kesäopintoina 2021 tarjottavat toteutukset
TOU3PO312 Cultural Tourism as a Change Agent 5 cr
TOU3PO302 Responsible Space Tourism 5 cr
AIR3PO304 Revenue Management in Airline Business 5 cr
Implementations offered earlier / to be offered later
BUS3PO305 Artificial Intelligence in Business 5 cr
BUS3PO316 Business Analytics 5 cr
PSS3PO303 Designing Services 5 cr
AIR3PO503 Digital Airline Management 5 cr
PSS3PO302 E-Business 10 cr
BUS3PO317 Experiential Luxury Business 1 5 cr
BUS3PO318 Experiential Luxury Business 2 5 cr
BUS3PO306 Foreign Market Expansion to Emerging Markets 5 cr
BUS3PO313 From Request for Quotation to Delivery 10 cr
BUS3PO321 Futures Thinking, Trends and Transformations 5 cr
TRA3PO305 Fundamentals of Experience Design in Tourism 5 cr
BUS3PO314 Mind the Gap in International Business 10 cr
BUS3PO304 Management Accounting and Reporting 10 cr
PSS3PO301 Strategic Events Solutions 5 cr
TRA3PO302 Travel Experience Design 10 cr
LEA3PO302 Coaching and Serving Leadership 10 cr
BUS3PO303 Taxation 10 cr
BUS3PO301 Accounting 5 cr