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ATB Degree in Aviation and Tourism Business
Master of Hospitality Management, 90 ECTS

Master of Hospitality Management

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Name and level of education

Master of Hospitality Management, Master's Degree

Admission requirements and applications

Act of Polytechnics 9.5.2003/351 20§

Haaga-Helia's Master's Programmes have been renewed in 2019. Starting from autumn 2019, the Degree Programme in Information Systems Management will be available in application under the same name but renewed curriculum.

Scope and duration

The scope of the studies is 90 ECTS completed in 1.5 to 3 years as part-time of full time studies.

Recognition of learning

Studies can also progress through the use of competencies acquired in the past or competencies acquired at work during the studies.

Mode of study

The mode of studies is blended and the amount of independent studying, virtual studies and sessions on campus depend on the chosen courses. The contact hours are scheduled for evenings and weekends.

Language of tuition

The language of the studies is English.

Requirements and decrees

The degree curriculum includes Work Development Methods 15 ECTS, Leadership and Work Community 15 ECTS, Compulsory Advanced Professional Studies 25 ECTS, Free Choice studies 5 ECTS and Master's Thesis 30 ECTS.

Haaga-Helia's operations are governed by the Act on Studies in Universities of Applied Science 18.12.2014/1129 (in Finnish) and Haaga-Helia's Degree Regulations.

Study attainments and assessment

The course assessment criteria are available in the course descriptions. More information about the course assessment is available in Haaga-Helia's Degree Regulations.

Targets and structure

Profile of the Degree Programme

The programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of current trends and topical issues in aviation or tourism. It is designed especially for experts in different fields in aviation, travel intermediaries and retailing, tour operating, transportation, travel management, and tourism and service organisations, who are interested in developing individual companies and work communities across various sectors of business world.

The Degree Programme of Aviation and Tourism Business leads to a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management. The programme consists of 90 credits and follows a Bachelor’s Degree Programme of 210 cr. The Master’s Degree programme is executed as an adult education and is implemented through monthly three-day contact sessions.

Key Learning Outcomes

The Degree Programme in Aviation and Tourism Business is based on the perceived future needs of the industries. The focus is on the current trends such as rapid globalization, continuous change, technology and sustainability. The programme provides tools to cope with the challenges that exist in the industries and to establish and develop individual companies and work communities. The emphasis is on anticipation, responsibility, design thinking and business operations in the aviation or tourism businesses and on learning to cope in changing situations.

Professional Growth

The goal is to raise the know-how of an expert to the level of a developer. The programme prepares students to take on diverse professional tasks, for example involving organizational development, project coordination and management. In addition, the programme instils in students the drive for life-long learning, and professional skills that function as a solid foundation for professional growth in an ever-changing business environment.

Annual Themes

The themes of the study modules are Management, Tools to Develop Working Life, and Topical Issues in Aviation and Tourism like Design Thinking and business operations..

The programme is executed through an adult implementation with three-day contacts (Thursday - Saturday) about once a month. The length of the studies is 1½ years for a full-time and 3 years for a part-time student.


The work of the students in the contact days is all about operating in multicultural teams. They are also supervised by staff representing several nationalities. The projects they bring with them from their own organizations familiarize the whole group with challenges of various sectors of tourism and hospitality industry. They can also go an exchange to selected partner universities of Haaga-Helia UAS located especially in Europe.

Work placement and cooperation with the business community

Learning takes place in mostly applied real-life projects students bring with them to be used in different courses and thesis.

Career opportunities

Most of the students work and study at the same time. This gives them an option to implement real-life projects from their own organizations in learning. This opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their work place also during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates, or even students to advance professionally especially in their own organizations.

Postgraduate studies

For example university studies (Ph.D.) or vocational teacher's programme

Alumni activities

Haaga-Helia's alumni network is very active. Read more about our alumni relations and update your contact information to receive information about upcoming events, further education and Haaga-Helia's news.

Contact information

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Pasila campus
Ratapihantie 13
00520 Helsinki

Head of the Degree Programme
Jarmo Ritalahti, jarmo.ritalahti(at)