Bachelor studies, daytime learning, before August 2022

SPOCMA21 Sports Coaching and Management
Bachelor of Sport Studies, 210 ECTS

Autumn 2021


Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Haaga-Helia key competencies
(Select 40 ECTS)
YHT1PE001 Professional Communication 5
YHT1PE012 Customer Insight and Marketing 5
YHT1PE005 Teamwork and Project Management 5
YHT1PE006 Research and Development 5  
YHT1PE008 Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5  
YHT1PE015 Professional English 5  
YHT1PE016 Business Swedish 5
YHT1PE018 Finnish Language and Culture 1 5
Keys to Studies and Career 5
Program key competencies
(All compulsory)
COA1SD501 Psychology and Coaching 5
COA1SD502 Strength and Conditioning 5
COA1SD503 Skill Acquisition and Learning in Coaching 5
COA1SD504 Sport Analysis and Athlete Development 5
COA1SD505 Coaching Practice 1 5
COA1SD506 Coaching Practice 2 5
LEA1SD501 Organizational Structures in Sport 5
COA1SD507 Establishing Coaching Philosophy 5
Professional competencies
(All compulsory)
LEA2SD501 Successful Team Culture 5
LEA2SD502 Creating Successful Team Culture 5  
COA2SD501 Holistic Athlete Development 1 5  
COA2SD502 Holistic Athlete Development 2 5  
COA2SD503 Coaching Process 1 5  
COA2SD504 Coaching Process 2 5  
COA2SD505 Advanced Coaching Practise 1 5  
COA2SD506 Advanced Coaching Practise 2 5  
LEA2SD503 Organizational Management and Development 5  
LEA2SD504 Coach development 5  
SLF2SD501 Developing Coaching Philosophy 5  
SLF2SD502 Personal Growth 1 5
SLF2SD503 Personal Growth 2 5  
SLF2SD504 Professional Growth 5    
Other Professional Competences
(Select 15 ECTS)
Work Placement
(All compulsory)
PLA6SD002 Work Placement 30    
Bachelor's thesis
(All compulsory)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 817247047.533.536362621023.823.816.816.818181818131310.510.500


Haaga-Helia's mission is to open doors to working life. We aim for the qualitative employment of our students, and we want to keep all doors open to working life. Our story is filled with many people, plenty of courage and a pioneering outlook. These things are also part of our constant core. Education responds to topical needs – in fact, it very much anticipates the future needs of society.

The Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s sports and leisure industry. Our Programme core values are Collaboration, Curiosity and Human-Centered.

Through competence-based approach, the programme prepares students along three main development streams with a focus on
- personal development and professional growth
- coach development
- event and organizational management

The programme offers unique opportunities for the students to be actively involved in the sport of their choice on local, national and international level. Through close cooperation of the Degree Programme with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence (IIHCE) and the Finnish Ice Hockey Association (FIHA) the students are constantly involved in the development of ice-hockey on a world-wide scale.

The Degree Programme is truly international. Every year several students come from different countries, e.g. Canada, USA, Japan, Slovenia, South Africa, England, Germany, Austria and many more. These international students bring different cultures, coaching cultures, traditions, behaviors, and working strategies to the programme, which leads to a real exchange in terms of knowledge and practices. Programme started at 2002 and during years it has had students from 29 different countries.

As a summary the Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management is emphasizing athlete-centered coaching approach as well as competence-based, process-based and student-centered education environment. The curriculum was renewed for the intake 2021.