RESTO22 Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daytime Learning and Blended Learning, Haaga Campus
Bachelor of Hospitality Management, 210 ECTS

Autumn 2022

Key Competencies
(Select 85 ECTS)
Brush up Studies
(Select 0-9 ECTS)
ANA000HH1A Mathematics Placement Test 0
ANA002HH1A Brush up Mathematics 3
SWE000HH1A Swedish Placement Test 0
SWE002HH1A Brush up Swedish 3
ENG000HH1A English Placement Test 0
ENG002HH1A Brush up English 3
Haaga-Helia Key Competencies
(All compulsory)
COM001HH1A Professional Communication 5
MAR001HH1A Customer Insight and Marketing 5
ICB001HH1A ICT Competencies 5
SAL001HH1A Customer Experience and Sales 5
HRL001HH1A Teamwork and Project Management 5
ANA001HH1A Research and Development Skills 5
ECO001HH1A Basics of Financial Management 5
ENT001HH1A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5
ENG001HH1AE Professional English 5
SWE001HH1A Professional Swedish 5
Keys to Studies and Career
(Select 5 ECTS)
Common Part
(All compulsory)
STU001HH1A Introduction to Studies 1
Optional Part
(Select 4 ECTS)
STU002HH1A Introduction to Digital Learning Environments 1
STU003HH1A Study Skills 1
STU004HH1A Time Management 1
STU005HH1A Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Skills 1
STU006HH1A Recognise and Communicate Your Strengths 1
STU007HH1A Career Planning 1
STU008HH1A Job-Seeking Skills 1
STU009HH1A Speed Up Your Career with Alumni 1
STU010HH1A Studies and Entrepreneurship 1
Key Competencies in Bachelor of Hospitality Management
(All compulsory)
HOS001RE1AE Fundamentals and Future in Tourism and Hospitality 5
HOS002RE1A Working within the Experience Economy 5
TOU001RE1A Sustainable Experience Economy 5
ECO001RE1A Profitability Planning 5
SER001RE1A Inspirational Leadership 5
SER002RE1A Pro-Active Management in the Experience Economy 5
HOS003RE1A Alcohol passport 0
HOS004RE1A Hygiene Pass 0
Professional Competencies
(Select 80 ECTS)
(Select 30 ECTS)
Accommodation Business
(All compulsory)
HOS001AS2A Accommodation Business Environment 5
HOS002AS2A Product Planning and Pricing 5
HOS003AS2A Developing Customer Experience (project) 5
HOS001AS3A Sustainable Accommodation Business 5
HOS002AS3A Revenue Management in Accommodation Business 5
HOS003AS3A Managing Dynamic Accommodation Business 5
Restaurant Business
(All compulsory)
HOS004AS2A Restaurant Business Environment 5
HOS005AS2A Product Selection in Restaurant Business 5
HOS003AS2A Developing Customer Experience (project) 5
HOS004AS3A Innovative Technologies in Restaurant Business 5
HOS005AS3A Revenue Management in Restaurant Business 5
HOS006AS3A Managing Dynamic Restaurant Business 5
Travel and Tourism Services
(All compulsory)
TOU001AS2A Travel and Tourism Business Environment 5
TOU003AS2AE Experience Design Processes and Tools 5
TOU002AS2AE Developing Sustainable Product and Service Concepts (project) 5
TOU003AS3A Strategic Management in Tourism Business 5
TOU001AS3A Revenue Management in Travel and Tourism Business 5
TOU002AS3AE Travel Tech 5
Developing Accommodation and Restaurant Business
(All compulsory)
HOS006AS2A Accommodation and Restaurant Business Environment 5
HOS007AS2A Service, Product and Quality 5
HOS008AS2A Developing Customer and Employee Experience 5
HOS007AS3A Operative Planning and Management 5
HOS008AS3A Revenue Management in Accommodation and Restaurant Business 5
HOS009AS3A Managing Dynamic Service Business 5
Complementary Professional Competences
(Select 20 ECTS)
HOS013AS3A Advanced Beverage Knowledge 5
HOS021AS2A Pairing Food and Beverages 5
HOS022AS2A Finnish and Nordic Food Culture as the Core of Food Tourism 5
HOS023AS2A Food and Drink as the Pull Factor in Tourism 5
HOS024AS2A Customer-centric, Authentic and Multi-channel Food Tourism Products 5
HOS014AS3A Advanced Wine Course 5
HOS025AS2A Spirits, Brewery Products and Nonalcoholic Beverages 5
COR007AS2A Principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5
HOS026AS2A Business Development Project 10
HOS027AS2A Project Management 5
HOS015AS3A Development Methods, Trends and Tools 5
HOS016AS3A Accommodation Concept Business Plan 5
HOS017AS3A Feasibility Study in Accommodation Business 5
COM005AS2A Supervisory proficiency in legal matters and communication 5
HOS018AS3A International Food Tourism 5
SER024AS2AE My Event Portfolio 5
HOS017AS2A UAS Study Skills for Open University Route Students 2
TOU018AS2AE My Tourism Business Projects Portfolio 5
HOS016AS2A Working in Professional Kitchen 5
TOU017AS2AE Hospitality and Tourism Competitions 5
Minor Package
(Select 0-15 ECTS)
Languages and Culture
(Select 15 ECTS)
CHI006AS2AE Chinese-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5
FRE008AS2AE French-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5
RUS006AS2AE Russian-speaking Market and Culture Studies 5
GER001AS2A German 1 5
GER002AS2A German 2 5
GER003AS2A German 3 5
FRE001AS2A French 1 5
FRE002AS2A French 2 5
RUS001AS2A Russian 1 5
RUS002AS2A Russian 2 5
SPA001AS2A Spanish 1 5
SPA002AS2A Spanish 2 5
ENG008AS2AE Advanced Hospitality English 5
Work Placement
(Select 30 ECTS)
PLA001RE1A Orientation to Work Placement 0
PLA021HH1A Basic Work Placement 10
PLA021HH2A Professional Work Placement 10
PLA022HH2A Professional Work Placement 2 10
(Select 15 ECTS)
THE7HH901 Thesis Phase 1 5
THE7HH902 Thesis Phase 2 5
THE7HH903 Thesis Phase 3 5
THE7HH904 Maturity Test 0