RESTO22 Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daytime Learning and Blended Learning, Haaga Campus
Bachelor of Hospitality Management, 210 ECTS

Autumn 2022


Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Key Competencies
(Select 85 ECTS)
Brush up Studies
(Select 0-9 ECTS)
ANA002HH1A Brush up Mathematics 3
SWE002HH1A Brush up Swedish 3  
ENG002HH1A Brush up English 3
Haaga-Helia Key Competencies
(All compulsory)
COM001HH1A Professional Communication 5
MAR001HH1A Customer Insight and Marketing 5
ICB001HH1A ICT Competencies 5
SAL001HH1A Customer Experience and Sales 5  
HRL001HH1A Teamwork and Project Management 5
ANA001HH1A Research and Development Skills 5    
ECO001HH1A Basics of Financial Management 5
ENT001HH1A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5  
ENG001HH1AE Professional English 5
SWE001HH1A Professional Swedish 5  
Keys to Studies and Career
(Select 5 ECTS)
Common Part
(All compulsory)
STU001HH1A Introduction to Studies 1
Optional Part
(Select 4 ECTS)
STU002HH1A Introduction to Digital Learning Environments 1
STU003HH1A Study Skills 1
STU004HH1A Time Management 1
STU005HH1A Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Skills 1
STU006HH1A Recognise and Communicate Your Strengths 1  
STU007HH1A Career Planning 1  
STU008HH1A Job-Seeking Skills 1  
STU009HH1A Speed Up Your Career with Alumni 1    
STU010HH1A Studies and Entrepreneurship 1    
Key Competencies in Bachelor of Hospitality Management
(All compulsory)
HOS001RE1AE Fundamentals and Future in Tourism and Hospitality 5
HOS002RE1A Working within the Experience Economy 5
TOU001RE1A Sustainable Experience Economy 5
ECO001RE1A Profitability Planning 5  
SER001RE1A Inspirational Leadership 5    
SER002RE1A Pro-Active Management in the Experience Economy 5    
Professional Competencies
(Select 80 ECTS)
(Select 30 ECTS)
Accommodation Business
(All compulsory)
HOS001AS2A Accommodation Business Environment 5  
HOS002AS2A Product Planning and Pricing 5  
HOS003AS2A Developing Customer Experience (project) 5  
HOS001AS3A Sustainable Accommodation Business 5    
HOS002AS3A Revenue Management in Accommodation Business 5    
HOS003AS3A Managing Dynamic Accommodation Business 5    
Restaurant Business
(All compulsory)
HOS004AS2A Restaurant Business Environment 5  
HOS005AS2A Product Selection in Restaurant Business 5  
HOS003AS2A Developing Customer Experience (project) 5  
HOS004AS3A Innovative Technologies in Restaurant Business 5    
HOS005AS3A Revenue Management in Restaurant Business 5    
HOS006AS3A Managing Dynamic Restaurant Business 5    
Travel and Tourism Services
(All compulsory)
TOU001AS2A Travel and Tourism Business Environment 5  
TOU003AS2AE Experience Design Processes and Tools 5  
TOU002AS2AE Developing Sustainable Product and Service Concepts (project) 5  
TOU003AS3A Strategic Management in Tourism Business 5    
TOU001AS3A Revenue Management in Travel and Tourism Business 5    
TOU002AS3AE Travel Tech 5    
Developing Accommodation and Restaurant Business
(All compulsory)
Complementary Professional Competences
(Select 20 ECTS)
Minor Package
(Select 0-15 ECTS)
Languages and Culture
(Select 15 ECTS)
Work Placement
(Select 30 ECTS)
PLA021HH1A Basic Work Placement 10
PLA021HH2A Professional Work Placement 10  
PLA022HH2A Professional Work Placement 2 10  
(Select 15 ECTS)
THE7HH901 Thesis Phase 1 5    
THE7HH902 Thesis Phase 2 5    
THE7HH903 Thesis Phase 3 5    
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 711219204427754667250222213.513.537.537.5232333.533.512.512.500