TRATI22 Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, Full Time and Blended Learning, Pasila Campus
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

Spring 2022

Key Competencies
(Select 75 ECTS)
Brush up Studies
(Select 0-6 ECTS)
SWE000HH1A Swedish Placement Test 0
SWE002HH1A Brush up Swedish 3
ENG000HH1A English Placement Test 0
ENG002HH1A Brush up English 3
Haaga-Helia Key Competencies
(All compulsory)
COM001HH1A Professional Communication 5
MAR001HH1A Customer Insight and Marketing 5
ICB001HH1A ICT Competencies 5
SAL001HH1A Customer Experience and Sales 5
HRL001HH1A Teamwork and Project Management 5
ANA001HH1A Research and Development Skills 5
ECO001HH1A Basics of Financial Management 5
ENT001HH1A Entrepreneurship and Business Operations 5
ENG001HH1AE Professional English 5
SWE001HH1A Professional Swedish 5
Keys to Studies and Career
(Select 5 pieces)
Common Part
(All compulsory)
STU001HH1A Introduction to Studies 1
Optional Part
(Select 4 ECTS)
STU002HH1A Introduction to Digital Learning Environments 1
STU003HH1A Study Skills 1
STU004HH1A Time Management 1
STU005HH1A Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Skills 1
STU006HH1A Recognise and Communicate Your Strengths 1
STU007HH1A Career Planning 1
STU008HH1A Job-Seeking Skills 1
STU009HH1A Speed Up Your Career with Alumni 1
STU010HH1A Studies and Entrepreneurship 1
Key Competencies in Business Information Technology Studies
(All compulsory)
DIG001IT1A Introduction to Digital Services 5
ICB001IT1A Introduction to Business Driven ICT 5
ICI001IT1A Introduction to ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Services 5
SOF001IT1A Introduction to Software Development 5
Professional Competencies
(Select 90 ECTS)
Professional Competencies in Business Information Technology Studies
(Select 60-90 ECTS)
(Select 30-90 ECTS)
Digital Services
(Select 30-90 ECTS)
DIG001AS2A Digital Business 5
DIG002AS2A Innovation and Prototyping 5
DIG007AS2A Digital Technology 5
DIG012AS2AE Basic 3D Design with Blender 3
COM004AS2A Basics of Graphic Design and Tools 5
DIG016AS2AE Internet of Things: a Business Perspective 5
SER006AS2A Basics of Service Design 5
DIG004AS2A Digital Project 5
DIG005AS2A Digital Product 5
DIG005AS3AE 3D Printing 3
DIG006AS2A Digital User Experience 5
SOF002AS2A Software Requirements Analysis 5
MAR002AS2A Data-Driven Marketing 5
DIG001AS3A Cloud-based Web Development 5
DIG008AS2A Digital Service Development 10
DIG003AS2A Digital Service Prototyping 5
DIG006AS3AE 3D Extended Course 3
DIG002AS3A Design Sprint Days 5
DIG003AS3A Development Project 10
DIG009AS3A Digital Service Project 10
DIG007AS3AE 3D + Robotics 3
DIG008AS3AE IoT Experimental Project 5
COM002AS3A Website Design and Development 5
SER004AS3A Webshop as Businessmodel 5
Software Development
(Select 30-90 ECTS)
SOF005AS2A Programming 1 5
SOF001AS3A Programming 2 5
SOF001AS2A Data Management and Databases 5
SOF003AS3A Back End Programming 5
SOF002AS2A Software Requirements Analysis 5
SOF004AS3A Front End Programming 5
SOF005AS3A Software Development Project 1 5
SOF004AS2A Python Programming 5
SOF006AS3A Database Administration 5
SOF007AS3A Software Development Project 2 10
SOF008AS3A Mobile Programming 5
SOF009AS3A Software Development Technologies 5
SOF010AS3A Database Design 5
SOF012AS3A Software Testing 5
SOF011AS3A Multidisciplinary Software Project 10
SOF013AS3AE Database Developer 5
ICT and Business
(Select 30-90 ECTS)
ICB001AS2A Business Process Management 5
ICB002AS2A ICT Architectures 5
ICB014AS2A Business Requirements Management 5
ICB004AS2A ICT Contracts 5
DIG001AS2A Digital Business 5
SER006AS2A Basics of Service Design 5
SOF001AS2A Data Management and Databases 5
ANA002AS2A Advanced Course in Excel 5
ICB005AS2A Business Intelligence 5
ICB006AS2A Managing CRM Processes 5
ICB007AS2A ICT Services 5
ICB008AS2A ICT Project Management 5
ICB011AS2A Basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 5
COR004AS2A ERP 1 5
ANA001AS3A Excel and BI 5
ICB010AS2A ICT Procurement 5
ICB004AS3A Robotic Process Automation 5
COR005AS2A ERP 2 5
ANA001AS2A Data Analytics with Python 5
SAL004AS2A B2B Sales Skills 5
ICB012AS3AE Business Intelligence Development Project 5
ICB013AS3AE Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) 5
ICB005AS3A Innovation of New Business Models on Digital Platforms 5
ICB006AS3A Selling ICT Solutions 5
ICB007AS3A Managing ICT Operations 5
ICB015AS3A Business Data Management and Data Analytics 5
ANA003AS3A Excel and VBA 5
ICB014AS3AE Financial Accounting, Processes and Systems 5
HRL006AS2A Knowledge Management 5
ANA005AS3A Models for Strategic Decision-making 5
DIG003AS3A Development Project 10
ICT Infrastructures and Cloud Services
(Select 30-90 ECTS)
ICI001AS2A Windows Servers 5
ICI004AS2A Introduction to Networks 5
ICI003AS2A Linux Servers 5
ICI001AS3A Configuration Management Systems 5
ICI002AS2A Information Security 5
ICI002AS3A Network Swiching and Routing Essentials 5
ICI003AS3A Cloud Service Technologies 5
SOF004AS2A Python Programming 5
ICI004AS3A Information Security Management 5
ICI005AS3A Penetration Testing 5
ICI008AS3A ICT Infrastructures - Project 10
ICI009AS3AE Cloud Operations - AWS 10
ICI010AS3AE Cloud Architectures - AWS 10
Complementary Professional Competencies in Business Information Technology Studies
(Select 0-60 ECTS)
Complementary Professional Competencies
(Select 0-30 ECTS)
Minor Package
(Select 0-30 ECTS)
Work Placement
(Select 30 ECTS)
PLA001HH1A Basic Work Placement 15
PLA001HH2A Professional Work Placement 15
(Select 15 ECTS)
THE7HH901 Thesis Phase 1 5
THE7HH902 Thesis Phase 2 5
THE7HH903 Thesis Phase 3 5
THE7HH904 Maturity Test 0